Clothes have the power to define us. They define how others see us. They define how we see ourselves.

The clothes we choose to wear make an important statement about who we are and our place in the world. But for too long, children with special needs have had to make do with clothing that doesn’t meet their needs, or is practical but boring. This sends an important signal to our children: in clothing, as in the wider world, society is telling them that they just don’t quite fit.

Inspired by my experience as a mother to a beautiful girl with special needs, my aspiration is to change that. I believe that each and every child, no matter what their personal challenges, deserves to be seen as an individual human being with innate dignity and a unique personality.

I have made it my mission to give them the power to express themselves through their clothing in the same way that any other person can choose to do, by getting to know Kitted customers as individuals and constantly striving to put their needs at the forefront of the design process.

Join me on my journey to make beautiful clothes for our beautiful children.


— Donna Edmunds, founder, Kitted Clothing