#WorldContinenceWeek: Why Adapted Trousers are So Important

It’s world continence week! By coincidence, this weekend my daughter and I went through all of her trousers to see which ones still fit her now that she’s gone up a nappy size. The short answer is: very few; mostly the summer trousers which tend to be a bit looser (but also thinner, which is no good in winter).

As a result, I thought it a good moment to make a short video about how that extra couple of centimetres of nappy that needs to fit inside her trousers makes all the difference to what’s available to us to buy. And therefore why Kitted Clothing’s mission is so essential to our kids. Ignore my mad hair, it does that.

Don’t forget, the crowdfunding campaign is now live. Please visit www.gofundme.com/kittedclothing – and don’t forget to tell your friends about us. It is crowdfunding after all. 🙂

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